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Manicure & Pedicure – Maintenance, cleaning

maintenanceWe should always grip the manual piece with 3 fingers, with pencil holding. We put our middle finger under it and support it with our ring-finger. It is very important to hold it safely as we can cause injury. The guest should always be informed about what we are going to do and how it will be felt so that he/she does not jerk his/her leg away.

The machine can be used, not only for nail care, but also for skin care. It is suitable for treating pinch calluses as well as cracked heels. We should work with conical and rounded burr-drills depending on how deep they are found. If the callus on the foot is too thick we should remove it manually then smooth the surface with the machine.

A polisher with diamond powder is to be used for normal nails and the conical one for cleaning the cuticle.
We handle ingrown nails with a pointed burr-drill depending on their depths. It is important that we should not push it, only pull.

Maintenance, cleaning:

We clean burr-drills with a copper brush while they are on. Machines can only be cleaned with wrung-out and wet cloths, taking care of the electric cable.
We should take care of the manual piece as if it falls down, it will be damaged easily. It is most important that it can only be used with a special liquid made for the machine. Scented liquid is not allowed to put into it as it contains oil and may get the machine clogged up.
We should not use etheric liquid since it may cause drowsiness.
Always switch on the machine at the lowest revolution per minute and lift it during work, if necessary. Put machine oil into the manual piece in place of the burr-drill once a week then drip it out.